What Clients are Saying…

“Dear Melinda,”
I can’t articulate here  how much I got from the session, from you, your energy, your powerfulness, its totally moved and inspired me! I love the work and know I have been waiting and searching a long to get here, to get to you : )   Since the session EVERYTHING has changed! I am not stopped anymore, I have been on the go doing all the things I have been procrastinating about for days, weeks, months, years! I have had sooo much clarity about my life, and what I want to do with it before I leave this amazing body! I so loved the technique and looking forward to more! I feel for the first time in a very long time that I have solid direction and that’s damn inspiring!  I know I still have much to work to do, but I am in a place I have never been before and I want more of that!

Food wise my body is only interested in eating super healthy, I spent yesterday after my appointments cleaning out the fridge, preparing incredibly beautiful healthy food and haven’t had ANY cravings for sugar! Actually the thought of eating any type of junk food is repulsing me, its like my body has made a stand (similar to the exercise of adult Sharon standing between my mother and teenage Sharon) and just simply said NO (MORE) a friggin miracle!  I just keeping saying to myself  I AM SOOOO READY for this!

As much as I know this is painful stuff to dredge up, I am really excited about doing this work, its so profound and permanent

Thank you so much Melinda!  🙂

– Sharon Kennedy, Wanniassa, Canberra, Australia


“For 40 years I have struggled with weight issues.”

I tried everything under the sun but my body just kept putting on the weight. It wasn’t until I found this healing modality that I found the answers. Weight was just a side effect of what was really happening. My body was trying to protect me from things that occurred from the moment that I was created. With Jennifer’s guidance this amazing therapy has allowed me to overcome an obstacle that was holding me back from living the life I wanted. For the very first time in my life I feel truly free and alive. My mind is clear of noise and clutter and I can finally enjoy just being. I can now feel how my body reacts and can head off negativity. I used to be one of the most cynical people that ever walked the face of the Earth. It was my coping mechanism. I no longer need to cope because the problems are gone. The past has been cleared away and the future lies ahead. The life I want to create.

– Chris Edwards, Lawrence, Kansas


“I can trust my intuition, and I’m more grounded within myself…”
Since I began the Cellular Release Therapy™ in late October, I have lost some weight (6 kgs) but there have been much greater changes for me that I would not have expected: my self-image, my daily rhythm (I now normally have one) and eating / sleeping / TV / work habits, my wardrobe – or rather my clothing style etc. I am much more confident and open for new things because I feel I can trust my intuition, and I’m more grounded within myself. After over 10 years of psychotherapy, I could hardly believe how fast those “knots” popped, including some I still didn’t even know about, and it looks as though I could begin to come off my antidepressants this year. The best thing for me is that Paula “just” helps me or directs me to find and solve issues, but I’m really the one who is doing it!

– Katharina, Germany


“I started to see results from the hypnotherapy after the first session….”

The most apparent effect is a feeling of lightness and calm. I no longer become as stressed and irritations don’t seem to affect me as much. I am a restaurant owner and so exposed to a lot of pressure as well as really delicious food. I now find that I am no longer tempted by the foods which I know are not conducive to weight loss and am able to naturally make healthy choices in relation to my diet.

I am enjoying exercise, something which I previously had to push myself to do. I am becoming fitter, healthier and have more energy. Most importantly I am also becoming happier. I am noticing the patterns in my life which are not productive and which are now starting to dissolve. My relationships with the people around me are also becoming easier as I become more peaceful and connected.

– Lisa Schindler, Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia


“Finally, I am beginning to grasp why I am overweight…”

I have proven that I can withhold calories, exercise intensely, and even lose weight. But my subconscious beliefs are more powerful than my conscious will. Ever wonder why you ate that piece of candy, even though it wasn’t your intent? It’s because your subconscious has a different agenda. It is in this realm where my work needs to be done, before any eating lifestyle in the world will ever be good for me.

– Leanne Rellstab, Pinedale, WY, USA


“In just a couple of months I feel so much less anxiety and depression…”

I realize now that there were deeper stories and blocks to clear. Then last year I went to see Jon live and bought a new meditation CD. We also had a chat about my situation and he referred me onto Paula for hypnotherapy sessions. With Paula, I am addressing the deeper issues and energetic holdings that are connected to my life long pattern of eating to avoid feelings. In just a couple of months I feel so much less anxiety and depression and unhealthy relationships have literally shifted from my life. I am exercising more and generally I am more confident and hopeful that I can create the future I want and deserve.

– Libby, Australia


“…I realized that my issues around weight were emotional at their core…”

Paula and I have worked together for about 6 months to unearth the fundamental issues that have plagued me and diminish their impact. I have found this to be a cathartic experience, not merely in terms of weight, but also just about life in general. My journey continues, of which weight loss is a part, but I am on the right road and have lost fat, increased muscle and am happier in my skin in so many ways.

– Jen, Canberra, Australia