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spirit-guide_150x150Love Your Body
What you resist, persists! Whether you struggle with a health issue or body image – when you send love to your body, you send healing and change.

Eco nature / green and blue abstract defocused background with sI AM!
Powerful Affirmations you can listen to anywhere, even in your Car! Smile, laugh and just feel great!

Incredibly beautiful spiral galaxy somewhere in deep spaceYou Are Prosperous
Helps you increase your vibration of abundance. Listen to this recording every day for 30 days and just watch your prosperity grow!

candle-150x150Sleep Well
Want a natural way to sleep without any medications or sleep aids? This recording will help you to fall into a deep and peaceful sleep and teach the subconscious how to sleep well every night.

pinkflower_150x150Recharge Your Spirit
Hypnotic Meditation Exercise that will allow you to fill your body with Divine Light and just lift your energy upon High!

WL-150x150Light and Healthy
This wonderful and relaxing self-hypnosis meditation will inform the subconscious mind to begin releasing excess weight and allow you to really focus in on the ideal body you desire. If you can see it, you can achieve it!

Releasing tension and stress as if it were just a mist evaporating in the light of the sun. This is a wonderful and quick way to just find a sense of serenity amongst any calamity.

orangeflower_150x150It's Good To Be YOU!
An Experience in self-love. Have you ever seen yourself through the eyes of someone that loves you? With this recording you can do just that. We often don't see ourselves in the same light as those that love us and this will truly bring a new perspective of self.

blueflower_150x150Traditional Guided Meditation Package
Purchase all 8 of the traditional meditations and save over $15!