For each client that we work with, we require an initial intake consultation. This 30-45 minute conversational meeting will allow for you to discuss the goals you would like to achieve and for you and the specialist to customize a pathway for you specifically as to how those goals can be reached. This is a no-obligation conversation that will allow for you make an educated decision as to if you wish to move forward to conducting sessions that will include Cellular Release Therapy™ and perhaps other modalities that will support your goals.

To schedule your initial intake consultation, simply click on the “Add to Cart” link and process your payment of $49.00USD and you will receive an email to confirm your payment which will also include a link to an electronic intake questionnaire. Once you complete and submit the e-form, a specialist will reach out to you via email to schedule your initial educational consultation.

Schedule an Emotional Healing Educational Consultation for only $49 to Learn:

  • Which emotional stresses in your life are holding you back from reaching your goals
  • How traumatic experiences can cause physical conditions such as excess weight, illness or emotional problems
  • How to use simple mind-body techniques to release and let go of emotional baggage so you can start to live on purpose and transform every aspect of your life

100% confidential and individualized, with no obligation to move forward and purchase actual healing sessions. Consults are conducted via Skype anywhere in the world and the cost is only $49 for a 30-45 minute detailed conversation in which you will learn about hypnotherapy, Cellular Release Therapy and other modalities that can support you in reaching your goals and living a life of peace, joy an freedom!