Managing Sensitivity / Working with Divine Allies (with Melinda Jacobs)

90 Minutes/ $175.00addtocart

As an empath and a highly sensitive person, Melinda has developed many tools and practices that have taken sensitivities from being an impairment to being a trusted and relied upon resource. Beginning to make sense of the invisible world around you is not only validating and life affirming – it brings back a sense of sanity in a seemingly insane world. It is also useful to find spiritual allies that are ready, willing, and able to assist you in your journey back to self, helping you to remember your true nature – which is pure potentiality!

Learning to manage your sensitivities and working with Spiritual Allies can:

  • help you begin to understand what you are feeling – what’s you and, more importantly, what’s not you!
  • create simple practices that immediately help the body and senses come out of overwhelm and stress-causing fight or flight responses back into being in the present moment, more relaxed, and in tune with the world around you.
  • come back into a position of taking responsibility for yourself, your life, and feeling more empowered and in control of the life you are creating.
  • live the magical and purposeful life you’ve dreamed of!


Career Coaching Session (with Paula Robbins)

One hour: $100addtocart

In this one hour session, we will discuss your skills, both technical and intangible, and will discuss a truly viable pathway of action steps that lead to truly honoring who you are in purpose and how to move forward in earning a living at it! We will review the current resume and discuss how to perfect it for the goal of a better job or a better career and will discuss anything relevant to your quest of finding a way of earning an income that is sustainable financially, mentally and emotionally. A few of the aspects that can be discussed in this session are as follows:

  • What types of positions/careers are a good fit for you
  • What are the most relevant aspects of your resume that need enhancing
  • Activities that are the most productive towards making a move
  • Actions, activities and affirmations that keep you motivated and in a powerful synergy with your goals!


Personal Trainer for Meditation (with Leanne)

Learn to meditate, practices designed for your personal needs and goals.meditate

Development Sessions: $99addtocart

Follow up sessions: $66addtocart

Recorded, guided meditations for you: $33addtocart

-Develop a mediation practice, designed around your specific goals and needs
-Understand why it is important
-Understand how to meditate
-Overcome any confusion around meditation
-Ongoing Support

Meditation has almost become the “in” buzz word; and why not. It’s kind of like exercise, and eating right, everyone should do it, but without personal support, it can be daunting to get started. How do I sit? What happens to my mind and it’s thoughts? I can’t do it! What is mindfulness vs. awakening? Breathing? Music? Silence? and the biggest question, WHY? If you are drawn to meditation, but don’t know how to begin, or if you have been meditating for a long time, and have questions, let me help you.


The Reconnection (with Leanne)

$333 addtocart

-Access a timeless intelligence
-Have a greater understanding how you create and manifest in your life
-Awaken from the dream, remember who you really are
-Experience the true nature of non-duality, non-separation
-Find your life purpose, at an accelerated rate

Science meets WooWoo:
The Reconnection is a process by which the energy meridians in your body are energetically activated and reconnected to the universal axiatonal grid system, enabling you to be permanently connected to these powerful frequencies. ummm, what? Our planet has ley lines, our body has meridian lines (as in acupuncture), and the universe has an energy grid. The Reconnection accelerates an exchange of energy, light and information, reintegrating our multidimensional being, and realigning ourselves with the universe, and the planet. It literally Reconnects us. It Reconnects us to the very essence of who we are, reintroducing us to our divine connection and where we came from.